Table of Contents

How to Be a Rock Star Doctor: Complete Chapter List

1. Why you’ll love becoming a Rock Star doctor

2. Getting on-stage or: Playing the role of “Doctor”

3. Background and street cred

4. What is a Rock Star physician?

5. Finding your audience

6. Rock Star availability

7. Create availability with Rock Star scheduling

8. Managing challenges in the schedule

9. Use the schedule to prevent physician burn-out

10. The “affable” doctor

11. Qualities of the Rock Star physician

12. The Rock Star scene: Setting the stage

13. The Rock Star team

14. The Rock Star debut –Getting “on-stage”

15. Listening or “Six seconds to Rock Star”

16. Empathy and demonstrating interest

17. Establish and develop the agenda

18. Using a Problem List to develop the physician agenda

19. Rock Star secrets: The extremely-directed physical exam

20. The gynecologic exam or “Get in , get out”

21. Explaining the diagnosis and communicating the treatment plan

22. The initial patient visit

23. Health maintenance

24. The wellness visit and screening codes

25. Getting off-stage

26. The importance of follow-up visits

27. Office flow and maximizing patient-physician face-to-face time

28. Controlled substance prescribing

29. Dealing with lab results – “No news is not good news!”

30. Prior authorizations and other forms

31. Clinical challenges in medicine – Rock Star solutions

32. Dealing with challenging patients

33. Managing the challenging patient

34. The truly hateful patient

35. Patient dismissals

36. Death and dying – the terminally ill patient

37. Finding the answers

38. Using evidence-based-medicine

39. The peripheral brain

40. Finding the answers: Laboratory and radiology testing

41. Practice, practice, practice

42. Working with consultants and the medical team

43. Managing hospitalizations

44. Rock Star charting

45. Rock Star charting secrets –efficient note writing techniques

46. Computer tips and tricks – surviving the electronic record

47. Office procedures and wound care

48. Billing and coding tips for Rock Star office visits

49. Mental health for physicians

50. Special stresses for women physicians

51. Finding work-life balance and satisfaction

52. Rock Star physician practice options

53. Advocacy

54. Conclusion