Rock Star Rules

Learn The Rock Star Rules

1. Anytime you are with a patient, remember that you are on-stage.

Learn how to portray the image of an ideal doctor – affable, confident, and caring, even when you’re not feeling your best. Getting on-stage is the key to clinical success, and getting off-stage efficiently is the solution to preventing burnout.

2. When in doubt, ask yourself: “Is this in the best interest of my patient(s)?”

Learn to keep your practice patient- focused – but when considering the best interest of patients the Rock Star physician must also emphasize self-care.

3. Be available.

Become more accessible to your patients by practicing techniques that minimize time spent on administrative tasks. Learn to develop a schedule that balances patient needs with physician mental health.

4. Listen to your patients

Learn how to listen actively, a simple technique to balance efficiency with patient satisfaction.

5. Learn how to show empathy

Empathy is a key to clinical success and reducing physician burnout. Learn how to demonstrate the quality of empathy to patients.

6. Make the ‘Problem List’ your best friend

Creating a refined problem list will allow you to use clinical time efficiently and effectively, improving productivity and allowing you to focus on the patient rather than the chart.

7. Learn to document an exam just by looking

Practice the art of the extremely directed physical examination to save time on unnecessary and uselessly invasive exams.

8. Health maintenance: Every visit, every time.

All patients deserve essential evidence-based preventive care. Learn how to easily incorporate health maintenance into each office visit.

9. Maximize patient-physician face-to-face time

Learn techniques that limit non-clinical physician responsibilities to maximize profitability and decrease burnout.

10. You don’t need to know all the answers, just where to find them

Create customizable tools and learn about resources that can help optimize evidence-based-medicine during the office visit.

11. Don’t sell yourself short!

Learn to serve as an advocate by educating the community, including your political representatives, and by ensuring adequate compensation for your labor.

12. Make your mental health a priority

Take steps to prioritize your own mental and physical health. Help to remove the stigma of seeking psychological care and emphasize the importance of continual self-growth and nurturing.