Doctor Quotes on the Book

It is a very bold, insightful, and informative book especially for the newer physician.

Roberta Chung, MD

I feel the book has good points regarding how to establish a good clinic, work life balance and caring for patients as healthcare changes in the future.  I have implemented some of the ideas from the book into my practice and they have helped my flow. Thank you.   I think you have done an excellent job and I enjoyed reading the book.  

–Emily Nabors MD FAAFP

Overall, I think the book is a quick and easy read.  It is light, but contains lots of pearls of wisdom.

It should be highly marketable to large medical groups that employ physicians and to new graduates – you did a “ROCK STAR” job on this book. 

— Jenni Keehbauch, MD

I think it is a much needed read to all residents regardless of specialty. 

I have an orthopedic specialist friend who often sees 40 patients people per day (granted he generally only needs to concentrate on one problem).  With this said he is extremely affable (which as you said leads to high patient satisfaction), available (often starts his day at 6AM), and very, very, able (he has an impressive fund of knowledge and great surgical outcomes) All this while he has been able to lead a very fulfilling personal and social life.

You really did a great job of keeping the information that you relayed informative and to the point.

–Beth Shandor, DO